Public Safety, CoOrdination With and Support of Police


Neighborhood Crime Cameras and Improved Lighting

To help prevent crime, the SGCDC provides security cameras and improved lighting at strategic sites in the community, and trims trees that are blocking overhead streetlights and making sidewalks dark (and the area potentially dangerous).

The SGCDC has also inaugurated a program of installing/subsidizing public and private security cameras to combat crime and apprehend offenders.

We have installed cameras at the local Playground to assist the community and the Police in crime-fighting efforts, at a local church that was experiencing a rash of break-ins, at the Dog Park, the SGCDC offices, at homes (through our security camera subsidy program), at businesses (through the Commerce Department's free Business Security Camera Program), and at other sites in the neighborhood, with more to be installed in the coming months/years. We also register the cameras with the Police Department's SafeCam program. 

Coordination with Neighbors and Local Police

The SGCDC interfaces regularly with the police to deter crime and apprehend criminals. It provides the police with access to its network of security cameras, seeks out residents with cameras that may have videoed a crime and/or the perpetrators, and helps locate witnesses and offenders.

Host of Monthly Neighborhood "Police Service Area" Meetings

The SGCDC, in partnership with the Police Department’s 9th District, hosts monthly PSA #3 (“Police Service Area # 3”) meetings in the SGCDC’s community meeting space, or at a larger venue when necessary.  


The SGCDC has provided resources to assist the Police, including for bike patrols, and other equipment and services, and funding for Police events.