Friends and Neighbors:  

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

Below is a copy of Spring Garden CDC’s Coronavirus ‘Navigation Guide’: Helping Residents and Small Businesses Weather the Current Crisis.

The Guide contains helpful information about the virus, getting tested, obtaining necessities, nearby recreation sites, City resources, the significant expansion of unemployment compensation to those not previously covered, what local businesses are open and providing products and services in the community, the ways in which we can support local businesses during this difficult time, and other pertinent information.


Also, a big shout out to Bryn Mawr Trust Company for providing resources for SGCDC to continue some of its key ongoing programs remotely, E.g., English as a second language and “Technology 101” classes; to make possible enjoyable remote art programs for local school children (who are cooped up in the house all day); and other community improvement projects (some currently on hold).

If you know of any information that should be added or changed in the Guide, please email us back and/or email SGCDC at

We will be updating the Guide information periodically on the SGCA and  SGCDC websites, and perhaps with another mailing, as circumstances and information are changing almost daily. The websites are and 

We would appreciate everyone’s help with whatever updated information you could provide, so that we can all be better informed.

Thank you.

Stay well.



Coronavirus Letter From SGCDC and SGCA (pdf)


SGCDC Covid Navigation Guide (updated April 30th) (pdf)


Addendum to SGCDC Covid Navigation Guide (May 7, 2020) (pdf)


Addendum to SGCDC Covid Navigation Guide (May 14, 2020) (pdf)


Addendum to SGCDC Covid Navigation Guide (May 21, 2020) (pdf)