Affordable housing

An affordable housing revitalization in partnership with the Spring Garden CDC.

SGCDC is Committed to Preserving Affordable Housing in Spring Garden

In 1999-2000, and again in 2009-10, SGCDC partnered with the Philadelphia Housing Authority (“PHA”) and affordable housing developers to construct/rehab over 150 units of affordable housing in Spring Garden. The apartments are in beautifully restored Victorian homes, and in vibrant new buildings. The properties are indistinguishable from (or, in some cases, more attractive than) abutting and nearby market rate homes, thus eliminating the “stigma” of living in blighted “public housing,” and dramatically improving the lives of the tenants and the entire surrounding area. The 2009-10 project included a newly built 6-unit accessible elevator facility for seniors and individuals with mobility impairments. The projects earned Grand Jury Preservation Achievement Awards in 2000 and 2010 from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia. 

The SGCDC has continued to work to upgrade its affordable properties since that time, and to assist in management activities and provide services for the tenants. It is also working with PHA on a proposed rehab and historic restoration of the remaining PHA units in the Spring Garden neighborhood.

SGCDC also continues to advocate for additional affordable housing and work force housing in and near our community. In 2016-17, the SGCDC supported Maple Mt. Vernon’s revitalization initiative for their affordable units on the 1700 block of Mt. Vernon St. We also worked with Maple to assure a historic rehab of their formerly blighted properties, again to eliminate the “stigma,” for the tenants, of living in substandard affordable housing.

Project Home

In 2011, we provided support to Project HOME for zoning for its JBJ Soul Homes, at 1415 Fairmount Ave., to provide affordable housing for low-and- moderate-income individuals and families, including former homeless individuals and veterans.