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Free Trees

The Philadelphia Horticultural Society has a program that offers communities free trees if we provide the trained and certified tree tender volunteers to plant them; and lucky for you, we have enough volunteers who are qualified tree tenders so that we can apply for free trees.

If you want one, either in front of your house, or in your yard, fill out the attached application HERE and submit it to the Spring Garden Civic Association at 601 N 17th street, 19130, or by e-mail to springgardenciv@aol.com. To qualify, a tree can't be too close to a fire hydrant, a stop sign, a water, gas, or electrical main, a driveway, or in a handicapped parking area. It also can't be directly in front of your steps. If you have a place where a street tree would fit, we urge you to apply. If you don't, we may approach you, and ask you to let us put one in anyway. Trees provide a lot of benefits to the neighborhood, soaking up ground water to prevent flooding, providing cooling in the summer, and warming in the winter, absorbing CO2, generating oxygen, and creating a friendlier, more welcoming environment that both reduces crime, and improves health.

If you have questions, call 215-802-0334 and talk to Pat, or call the office at 215-236-7334. Tree applications are processed twice a year and trees are planted in the late Spring and late Fall. If you want to volunteer to help, e-mail us at springgardenciv@aol.com.

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